Middlesex D&H 282 Ching's
Middlesex D&H 282 Ching's

Middlesex D&H 282 Ching's

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Obv: Bust to left, I. CHING PATENTEE FOR WORM LOZENGES THE BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. SOLD IN BOXES AT 3/6. PACKETS 1S. AND IN SMALL PACKETS AT 6D. EACH. (in two circles around). Rev: Royal Arms and supporters, crest, and motto, BY EVERY PRINCIPAL MEDICINE VENDER IN THE KINGDOM around. Edge: Milled.

Extremely Fine and choice brown. 

One of the Conder ‘Quack’ tokens. The Royal Arms on the reverse give the illusion of legitimacy. His pills were sold for any sort of stomach ailment, and at least one person was known to have died from poisoning.