Angusshire Dundee D&H 28a
Angusshire Dundee D&H 28a

Angusshire Dundee D&H 28a

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Obv: A distant view of town and bridge, MARE DITAT. (above), MONTROSE in exergue. Rev: A woman spinning, SURE ARE THE REWARD’S OF INDUSTRY, 1796 in exergue. Edge: LONDON LIVERPOOL OR MONTROSE. 

Very Fine but weak in spots because of strike not rub. Trifling marks. Very Rare edge variety (RR).

A tradesmen’s token issued to James and Andrew Bisset, a father and son who operated a flax spinning business. Very hard to find in top condition. Mare ditat is taken from the town motto, “Mare ditat rosa decorat”, which translates as, “The sea enriches and the rose adorns”.