Angusshire D&H 6 Dundee
Angusshire D&H 6 Dundee

Angusshire D&H 6 Dundee

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Obv: Bust of Admiral Duncan, DUNDEE PENNY 1798 above, ADML. LD. DUNCAN BORN HERE 1731 DEFEATD. THE DUTCH FLEET 1797 around. Rev: Adam and Eve with the serpent in the garden of Eden, 23000 INHABITANTS IN DUNDEE VID. STATISTICAL ACCOUNT BY R. SMALL D.D. around, BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY. GEN. 1. 28. (in exergue). Edge: Plain.

Very Fine. Edge bumps and some wear. Still nice collector grade for issue. Rare with only 72 struck. Penny. 

A production designed by Wright with high relief on the obverse bust. Expect to pay four figures for this in uncirculated choice condition. Adam Duncan was Admiral of the North Sea fleet that blockaded the Dutch in 1797. The issuer is unknown, but was probably involved with the fruit trade.