Cornwall D&H 4 Penryn
Cornwall D&H 4 Penryn

Cornwall D&H 4 Penryn

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Obv:  A shield of arms, PRO REGE ET POPULO above, LORD DE DUNSTANVILLE COLONEL in exergue. Rev: A laureated bust, PENRYN VOLUNTEERS on a ribbon above, FIRST INROLLD APRIL 3, 1794 in exergue.

Uncirculated. Bronzed proof. Choice with blue tones. Very sharp with no die crack on obverse. A gem really. 10.2g. 

A Soho mint production by Matthew Boulton, with dies by Ponthon. A lot going on with this token. Probably struck for the Major of the Penryn Volunteers, the Lord de Dunstanville, Sir Francis Basset