Hampshire D&H 3 Gosport
Hampshire D&H 3 Gosport

Hampshire D&H 3 Gosport

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Obv: The British Standard and a drum between four flags, BRITAIN TRIUMPHANT above. Rev: A large raft with battlements atop, FRENCH FOLLY IN BUILDING RAFTS above, A.D. 1798. (in exergue). Edge: I PROMISE TO PAY ON DEMAND ONE PENNY X.

NGC MS64BN. Flan crack caused by strike. Rich brown with reflective fields. Ex. Eklund, ex. McKivor. Comes with Eklund’s hand-made envelope. Penny. Rare.

A very highly-sought penny token lampooning the attempted French invasion of British shores using numerous rafts, which failed of course. Manufactured by Skidmore and considered a political token.