Middlesex D&H 322 Hancock's
Middlesex D&H 322 Hancock's

Middlesex D&H 322 Hancock's

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Obv: Three umbrellas in a shield, dividing the date 1798, IOHN HANCOCK UMBRELLA MAKER NO 19 LEATHER LANE around, HOLBORN LONDON above shield. Rev: Naked boy holding a coin tray, DEALER IN COINS AND MEDALS around, HALFPENNY in exergue. Edge: Milled.

PCGS MS64RB. Fading red. Slightest of wear on high points. Beautiful color. Rare. 

A very hard token to find, especially in high grade with nice color. As for the naked boy, Bell states in his book that the presses were operated by two men, the flans being placed on the lower die by a boy. Since it was hot and strenuous work, little clothing was worn and the boys were often naked. John Hancock was an umbrella manufacturer and coin dealer.