Middlesex D&H 597 Churches & Gates
Middlesex D&H 597 Churches & Gates

Middlesex D&H 597 Churches & Gates

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Obv: View of church, ST. ANDREW LEADENHALL ST. around, JACOBS in exergue. Rev: A cypher P S Co in center beaded circle, DEDICATED TO COLLECTORS OF MEDALS & COINS around. Edge: Slightly milled.

Uncirculated. Choice with tad red. 

The structure as it stands today was mostly built in 1532 and is better known as St. Andrew Undershaft. There once was a famous Maypole that was erected on feast days that would tower over the church, giving it the name ‘under-shaft’. Within the church, there is a terracotta memorial to John Stowe, that was paid for by his wife after he died. John Stowe famously wrote what is known as the first real history of London, The Survey of London, published in 1598 and revised in 1603. Every year on April 5, the Lord Mayor or someone acting on his behalf, replaces the quill in Stowe’s hand in a ceremony in his honor. His history actually gives us many examples of pagan life in London, including May Day celebrations, Christmas Lords of Misrule, cock-fighting, bear-baiting, and summer bonfires. The original Maypole was destroyed by overzealous Christians, but the name stuck, reminding us of it’s pagan history.