Middlesex D&H 302 Forster's
Middlesex D&H 302 Forster's

Middlesex D&H 302 Forster's

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Obv: A crown, and the date 1795, encircled with the notes of "GOD SAVE THE KING". Rev: The Prince of Wales's crest, within a double circle, WM. FORSTER VIOLIN TENOR & VIOLONCELLO MAKER NO. 348 STRAND LONDON around. Edge: Plain

UNC. Some red, nice surfaces.

Known as the "Old Forster", William Forster was a highly skilled violin tenor and violoncello maker. Came to London in 1759 working as a cattle-drover to pursue making violins. He also began a music selling and publishing business and published works of J.C. Bach and had an agreement with Haydn to publish his works in England. His instruments are highly valued today. A cello of his making sold in 2011 for nearly $134,000.