Norfolk D&H 54 Yarmouth
Norfolk D&H 54 Yarmouth

Norfolk D&H 54 Yarmouth

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Obv: A female seated holding a scroll which reads BOULTER’S EXHIBITION OF NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL CURIOSITIES, YARMOUTH in exergue. Rev: Three figures representing Asia, Africa, and America presenting different objects to Britannia, who is recording them in a book, UNDIQUAQUE COLLIGITUR above, 1796 in exergue. Edge: PUBLISHED BY JOS DANL & JNO BOULTER . . * . 

Uncirculated, Choice, and Proof like. Golden brown in color with flashes of red in devices. Scarce. 

A personal favorite of mine, this beautiful token was manufactured by Good with an engraving by Davies. Daniel Boulter was a silversmith who founded a museum of curiosities in 1776. He was a member of the Society of Friends, a Quaker social club. His museum was oddly named, “The Museum Boulterianum”. He was also a coin and medal collector.