Warwickshire D&H 35 Birmingham
Warwickshire D&H 35 Birmingham

Warwickshire D&H 35 Birmingham

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Obv: Bust of Demosthenes facing left, SOCIETY FOR FREE DEBATE above, INSTITUTED IN BIRMINGHAM 1789 below. Rev: TO RAISE THE GENIUS AND TO MEND THE HEART. (in five lines). Edge: Plain.

Extra Fine. Tiny edge knock on reverse. Very hard to find this nice. Penny. Rare. 

Known as one of the great statesmen and orators of the ancient world, Demosthenes was said to practice his speaking talents by putting pebbles in his mouth while talking, and delivering his speeches over the sound of the ocean to strengthen his voice. He spoke out against Alexander the Great and the Macedonian expansion which would lead to him being hunted down. He poisoned himself before being caught.