Worcestershire D&H 7 Dudley
Worcestershire D&H 7 Dudley

Worcestershire D&H 7 Dudley

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Obv: View of Dudley Castle, DUDLEY TOKEN above, JAMES in exergue. Rev: A reclining shephard under a tree, 1790 in exergue. Edge: Plain. 

Extra Fine. Small clip on reverse. 

The obverse die was muled with 12 of Thomas Spence’s dies, which make for a fun set to collect. Almost all are rare, this being probably the easiest to acquire. The reverse, says Bell in his book on specious tokens, was probably taken from a woodcut by Bewick, his friend. You may remember that name from a previous Monthly Twenty. Ever heard of the Bewick’s Wren? Maybe that shepherd is actually a birder, his binoculars in his left hand hidden behind his leg. The obverse shows Dudley Castle, which still stands today. The Dudley Zoo is actually located on it’s grounds. I think Spence would have approved.