About Me

Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Brian Herriott. I am the chap who has jumped into the fray and have been diligently working to acquire our friend Bill McKivor’s business, The Copper Corner. Whether I’m the most ideally suited individual to carry out this feat, and be judged equal to the herculean task of filling Bill’s shoes, I will leave up to you (and Bill, of course!) 

 I am currently 50 years old with a loving wife and two daughters. I currently live in Cincinnati, OH, having moved from Chicago, IL, close to ten years ago. In my former life, I was a somewhat well-received actor/singer on the stage, performing in mostly musical-theatre, plays, and some opera. I did this for 20 years approximately. 

 As for my relationship with our beloved British tokens, I first discovered them at a coin show in Columbus, OH. There was a dealer with a lone Norfolk Norwich 23 and I thought to myself, “This looks interesting.” An affordable copper token from the 18th century, cool design, political message, and in uncirculated condition? Sounded good to me, so I bought it. Upon getting home, I delved into Google and it wasn’t long before I was hours into the magical world of what we all call ‘Conder’ tokens. Having decided I simply MUST have more of these, I searched around for dealers and quickly found my way to Bill McKivor and The Copper Corner.  

 I soon found that I was no longer interested in finishing my U.S. Gold type set, my Barber dime XF set, or even my beloved collection of coins with birds on them. Well, I still have to get my New Zealand Kiwi silver proof dollars every year, because, well. . . . Kiwis! All I wanted, however, was more Conders!  

 Fast forward to our present time frame and one of my correspondences with Bill. I asked him somewhat flippantly how he got into the token dealing business. His response was, “You have opened an interesting door.” I certainly did! And since that door had been opened, Bill and I have been corresponding almost daily since early September, 2019. I even flew out to Seattle to visit with him and his lovely wife, June, for several days to talk tokens. Had a wonderful time getting to know Bill and be chauffeured around in Kermit, his super fun, and very GREEN, 1950’s Kaiser. We had a great three days of studying his token collection, discussing grading, and most importantly, how Bill runs his business. He has always told me that a dealer really owns nothing but their reputation, and to always be honest with your customers. 100% satisfaction.  You already know this, of course. 

 I was assured by Bill that although the learning curve is long, with dedication and perseverance, if a former paper boy could do it, then so could I!   

 Now, as for my new business. As you can see from the logo above, it is called The Druids’ Cache. It features an interpretation of the Cornwall 2 Druid designed by Dumarest for Matthew Boulton. I will be giving you high resolution, macro photographs of each token for sale. Almost too good, I think. They show every tiny nick, rub, spot, dig, and microscopic scratch. I’ve seen imperfections that I hadn’t caught upon close study with my own eyes. But, I want you to know exactly what you’re getting and not to be disappointed once they come in the mail. Indeed, I think you will agree they will look even better in hand than they do online. Other than ‘Conders’, I will also be selling 17th Century and 19th Century tokens. After some time, I will also offer ‘Fun Stuff’, such as British historic medals and other historical British ephemera.  

 I am also hard at work at acquiring more inventory, besides what excellent material I’m getting from Bill. That said, if you have any interest in selling part or all of your collection, please contact me. I see myself mostly as a caretaker of these items, a conduit from one collector to another. My prices will always be fair and honestly measured.  

 If you’d like, please follow me on Facebook at The Druids’ Cache, or also on Twitter at @DruidsThe. I will post new items for sale, upcoming shows, and other relevant information on these platforms. The website itself will not launch until after Bill’s 100th list, as it wouldn’t be very sporting to steal his well-deserved thunder. I will, of course, keep updating you as appropriate via email.  

 If you have any questions for me, or would like to let me know what particular holes you have in your collection that need filling, please don’t hesitate to contact me at brianwherriott@gmail.com, or call me at (773)580-8337. I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible. 

 One last word: Please be patient. I am sure mistakes will be made and I will have my fair share of stumbles as we leave the gate, but please know that I am 100% committed to your satisfaction and in doing Bill proud. 


Brian Herriott