Middlesex D&H 177 National
Middlesex D&H 177 National

Middlesex D&H 177 National

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Obv: Laureate bust to right, GEORGIVS . III . DEI . GRATIA . (around). Rev: Rays of sun over the arms of London, supported by the sword and mace, VISITED ST. PAULS around, 23 APRIL 1789 in exergue. Edge: Plain.

Uncirculated and Silvered with micro-hairlines. Penny. 14.7g. 32.27mm. Ex. Deane. 

On April 23, 1789, King George III, along with the Queen, the Prince of Wales, members of the House of Lords and House of Commons, proceeded to solemnly process all the way to St. Paul’s cathedral. This was to celebrate the King’s recovery from illness and to reaffirm to the British public that he was now in good health. Upon reaching St. Paul’s, he was greeted within the cathedral by the voices of five thousand children singing. This affected him greatly, as he was seen to cover his face with his handkerchief and remark, “I now feel that I have been ill.”