Middlesex D&H 185 National
Middlesex D&H 185 National

Middlesex D&H 185 National

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Obv: Bust of George III facing right, G and III on either side, GOD SAVE THE KING around, 1788 below, initials C.I under bust. Rev: WHEN WE FORGET HIM, MAY GOD FORGET US!” THURLOW in six lines. RESTORED TO HEALTH MARCH 1789. (in exergue). Edge: Plain. 

Almost Uncirculated. White-metal with some obverse light spotting and toning. Penny size. 

One of the tokens commemorating the recovery of King George III. Hamer was quoted as saying that this token was made for the Sunday School children of Windsor. (Political and Commemorative Pieces Simulating Tradesmen’s Tokens 1770-1802, R.C. Bell, p. 34)