Warwickshire D&H 12 County
Warwickshire D&H 12 County

Warwickshire D&H 12 County

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Obv: Bust to left, THOMAS JOHNSON around. Rev: BELLA! HORRIDA BELLA! (in center circle), SCIENCE AND INTREPIDITY around, 1789 in exergue. Edge: Plain. 

EF. Very little rub, but some edge ticks as well as cud on reverse rim. Mostly mark free example. Penny. 

Thomas Johnson was a famous bare-knuckle boxer who famously beat Isaac Perrins in an epic fight that lasted over 75 minutes and 62 rounds! It was witnessed by over 3,000 people. Perrins never fought again. Johnson was bested by Big Ben Brain in a fight that lasted 18 rounds, breaking his hand in the process. After losing most of his fight winnings to gambling, he settled in Cork where he taught boxing and died in 1797.